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We offer a wide range of envirmonmentally friendly equipment. However, for those looking for an easy to use single cup system like the Keurig or Mars, without all the waste we are proud to offer a free program called the Renewable Energy Program!

The Brew Centre & Waste Co are working together to protect our environment! We will pick up your used K-Cups, T-discs or other single cup system waste for our Renewable Energy Program!
How does it work?


  • Our customers have the option to collect used single-cup products at each coffee station. As the K-cup bin is emptied, our customers will place the used K-cups in a plastic bag.


  • With each delivery of an order, The Brew Centre personnel will pick up the bag of used single-cup products and return them to our warehouse.


  • The Brew Centre sends these used products to Waste Co who delivers it to a Renewable Energy Facility in Niagara NY.


  • K-Cups, T-discs and Flavia pods have a high waste to energy coefficient, resulting in a high energy generation and a low waste residue. They either enter an incinerator where they burn at over 1000 degrees Celsius to produce steam. The steam and methane gas is recovered from the decomposition process.
  • The steam and methane gas is then used to power electric generator turbines to produce clean and renewable energy. 
  • A magnet is passed over the remaining waste, where foil from K-Cup lids and Flavia packets are seperated and sent to recycling.




Coffee Equipment

We offer a wide range of professional office coffee products and equipment. Choose from the best brands in the industry to efficiently serve your employees & customers well.


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Shop The Brew Centre Online

Our customers get the ease and convenience of our online ordering system to allow you to place your order quickly and track your purchasing history.


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