The Brew Centre
For our larger accounts, The Brew Centre offers a full Vending Service Program. Vending equipment can consist of Hot Drink machines, Cold Drink machines, Candy Snack machines, Fresh Food Merchandisers and Currency Changers.
We provide our vending service accounts with the added security of refund policy along with refund booklets. Should there be a problem with any machine, staff can have their money refunded on the spot with a vending float. Our service staff will collect the refund slips and replenish the float on a regular basis to ensure that you and your staff will not be out of pocket. This also allows our staff to be aware of problems occuring so they can be resolved immediately!  
  • Industrial quality coffee and vending equipment "on loan" as per the needs of our customers.
  • A customized product selection in the machines, we want your input!
  • All repairs and maintenance to the equipment at our cost
  • Regular cleaning of the equipment on site
  • Service of equipment up to 7 days per week by uniformed personnel
  • Repairs to equipment within 1 hour in emergency situations







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